Sunday, March 27, 2005

Tapatio Springs ( was one of the sites my mom & aunt Carol visited last week, so even though the catering department was closed, I figured since I already had the information I just needed to take a look for myself. We left the house around 9:20 and drove up to Boerne to visit the site. They were holding a collegiate golf tournament on that day so Phil stopped to watch the golf for a few minutes, though I could not care less about that part. We walked up to the indoor reception area first, and were not at all impressed. The view overlooked the greens but was not enough to compensate for the unimpressive ballroom. This site would be good in the fact that it has accommodations on site for guests, plus greens and other activities, but still none of this was enough to convince me to have my wedding here. I think we'll cross this one off the list.

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