Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here's our life, in a nutshell

Usually when I post on the blog, I can either think of something witty or at least post some photos to compensate. In the past month as you've noticed and *ahem* mentioned, we haven't posted anything on this blog. Really, it's just because our daily lives don't seem to be exciting enough to blog about. But here's a recap for those of you who we don't see or talk to frequently:

There was that weekend in September where we celebrated Katherine's birthday by starting to drink at 5:30 with dinner, getting to the bar downtown by 8pm, and ending the night by midnight passed out in bed because we started too early, all with me wearing the skimpiest dress I've ever worn in public. But it was fun and we swore we were too old for this.

Then there was the weekend when we headed to Austin to Chuck-E-Cheese for Logan's birthday party. First we met up with Freddy for lunch and he showed us the greatness that is the reality TV show Tabatha's Salon Takeover. Such a guilty pleasure to watch and now we record all the episodes. We have "paid it forward" so to speak because we got Maria hooked when she came to visit!

There was also the Valero Texas Open that consumed Phil's life at the beginning of October. He is a co-chair of the Admissions & Will Call committee so he was heavily involved in the tournament preparations and actually spent most of his days there for about a full week. But really this just involved sitting in an air-conditioned RV where they had cable TV, free food and beverages, and free access to watch live golf at the tournament at any time.

The same week of VTO, my aunt and uncle came into town at the last minute on a Wednesday night which also happened to be one of the VTO events. So they joined us for that along with my other aunt, Carol, and then we all went to dinner at a new restaurant in town. It was so great to see them and we are actually headed to Port Aransas this weekend to spend more time with them before they sail away to the Bahamas for a few months on their boat.

The weekend of VTO this year also happened to be Alumni Weekend at Trinity so my friend Maria from college came to stay with us. We went out for lunch on Saturday to Beto's which became my new favorite place for Tacos Al Pastor! I also had a mojito with lunch which subsequently, combined with the massage chair and pedicure, made me very sleepy in the middle of the afternoon. Guess this is why we save our drinking for evenings.

Then there was two weekends ago when we went out with our friends Katherine & Jack to The Bonham, a gay bar downtown where one of my friends is a bartender, and he gave us a few too many free drinks and shots, making us again realize how we are getting way too old to take shots and drink this much.

So last weekend we played it low key and stayed in and watched the UT game at our house. Katherine and Jack brought their Chihuahua, Martini, over to play with Cooper which provided plenty of entertainment, rivaling the game actually.

I also got to see my friend Lena twice in the past few weeks which was so great. She was my college roommate and one of my closest friends but she moved back to Kuwait last year to be with her family. She came for just a few weeks and had to divide her time amongst all the many people who wanted to see her but I got her all to myself for a few hours one day at lunch and we had a mini-reunion with one of our college suitemates another night. I hope one day to go visit her so she doesn't always have to come here to see us!

Phil is still training for the marathon which is now less than a month away. He runs many times a week but does his long run on Sundays. He ran 22 miles last weekend on Sunday after running 5 miles the day before. I am so proud of his drive and determination to do this. Can't wait for race day!

I have been working a lot lately, either going into work early, staying late, or working weekends. Sometimes I come home from dinner and go back to the office and work into the evening. It's a good thing to be busy right now with the economy slow and people losing jobs so I am grateful to have the work and job security (knock on wood). Plus, the more I work, the more money I make so that is always a plus... and pretty good motivation!

This weekend we are headed, as previously mentioned, to Port Aransas to spend some time at the coast and with family. My parents will be joining us and we are staying at a condo that my aunt and uncle have reserved. Another aunt and uncle who live in Corpus are going to join us so it should be great. On Sunday we will drive to Houston to pick up Sam & Henna and bring them back to our house where they I am sure will be so glad to see Cooper and run around and poop in our back yard. We are happy to have them here and I am sure their owners will soon come and scoop up the back yard, right?!

So that is a recap of the last month and a half of our lives. We'll try to remember to take more photos to capture the events in our lives so our friends and family, avid readers of our blog, do not feel neglected anymore. With the election coming up, the marathon, and our trip to Mexico all in November, we should have enough going on to blog about!