Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby ____'s Nursery... A Work in Progress

With a lull in home projects upon us, we of course decided to create a project for ourselves, and getting the nursery ready was the perfect one! We started out with an empty room with all the walls painted chocolate brown, and white trim and shutters.

We decided that we wanted to have a dark wooden crib and lighten the walls, so we purchased wainscoating panels, chair rail, and new paint for the walls. We bought everything on a Sunday morning and were able to get all of the wainscoating and chair rail up by the end of that day. Luckily Phil had planned to take 2 days off of work the following week so he graciously spent his days off doing all of the caulking and painting that were needed to finish off the project.

Next we decided that the lighting in the room was not bright enough, especially at the entrance to the room where the built in drawers and shelves are located. We did not want to embark on a huge electrical project which is what we could have done if we wanted to try to keep the ceiling fan and branch off of it, because we would have to split the fan and the light onto separate switches and it would have been somewhat complicated since there is only a single wall switch currently. So we decided to just remove the ceiling fan and replace with a light fixture, and tie in new recessed task lights at the built-ins on the same switch. It turned out to be the perfect amount of light and we are very happy with the result.

AND finishing up the lighting meant we could put together the crib and make the bed, to make the room really look like a nursery! We also bought a matching dresser that can be used as a changing table on the top surface. Here is a photo of me standing in the nursery next to the crib:

Next we need to get a glider chair/ottomon and a small table with a lamp and clock on it, and do some decorating on the walls. As soon as we decide on a name we will be putting individual letters spelling out his name on the wall above his crib, so the pressure is on for us to make a decision! Suggestions are welcome. :)

Just a little something I'm proud of...

Working in the sign business is rewarding in that you get to see a finished product on a building and know all the effort that you put in to coordinating those signs paid off in a big way to provide wonderful advertising and exposure for your customer. I love driving past "my" signs at businesses across the city, state, and country. In December we finished a very large project for a new theatre in Frisco, TX and I had an opportunity to fly up and see the signs in person both at day and night, and attend a VIP opening event. So I thought I'd share some photos of the beautiful signs!!