Sunday, March 27, 2005

Our third appointment was at 12:30 at Granberry Hills ( Driving up to the location was the worst part about it, as it's located off I-35 & Weidner Rd. and you have to drive through some not-so-nice areas to get to the location. This was the biggest downfall about this place and weighs heavily in our decision. However, once you drive up the hill and arrive at the facilities, you would never know that you weren't in the middle of the beautiful Texas hill country. They are currently building a larger facility that will be more fancy and will be ready next year, but the existing "Gardens" area seems more laid back and more of our cup of tea. The wedding would take place in the arbor (see photo from website above - it was pouring down rain while we toured, so I didn't get any photos here... the website photos are pretty accurate though). After your wedding, your guests would proceed to the pavillion area where the buffet would be, and the bathrooms are located (see photo #3). The actual tables, dance floor, and reception area would take place in the area shown in photo #4. The staff is very willing to do whatever it takes to releive any stress from the bride, such as setting up your centerpieces, having a manager on site during your wedding in case of any surprises, having the set-up for the reception complete early in the day, and a beautiful bride's dressing room - see photo #5 (groom would come ready). They have a list of approved caterers you must select from, and you can select the china package to have your guests eat on china instead of plastic for $3 extra per guest. They provide white folding chairs for the wedding and reception included in the price. Their caterers are required to stay the entire ceremony to further releive bridal stress. This site seems very much like what we are looking for, but just can't beat Providence Hills when it comes to the beauty factor.

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ModernBride said...

Beautiful setting. Good luck with your planning!