Sunday, March 27, 2005

At 2:00 we had our final appointment at The Vineyard ( It's located off of Natural Bridge Caverns road, less than a mile from the caverns. They actually make their own wine but do serve wines on site that they do not make as well. As you can see, the vineyards are picturesque right behind the wedding location. The view in this photo is what you'd see as a guest, with the wedding taking place right at the edge of the covered area. Since the Vineyards is a restaurant, you are required to use their food/beverage for the reception. The restaurant would close that evening if the wedding party is large enough, so for our size, we would have the place to ourselves. The arbor the bride walks down under is to be covered with white and red roses in a month or so, and the vines will start to bloom. So for a ceremony/reception in April or May, everything should be blooming beautifully. The reception area would be indoors for a sit-down dinner on three levels of the restaurant. This kind of breaks up your party but since the dance floor would likely be outdoors under the covered wedding area, most of the guests would likely not be indoors much of the time. They suggested we could come on the evening of an upcoming wedding of our size to see how everything was set up and looked, so that could be an option, but Phil was not that impressed with the location... just wasn't "the one" so we probably won't pursue it.

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