Friday, March 18, 2005

I don't like Cats.

Phil and I went to dinner last night at a fancy-schmancy restaurant called Citrus in the Hotel Valencia. Very moden and cool decor, and pretty good, but also fancy food. We met my aunt Carol and my mom and some friends Harry and Joe, and had a nice time visiting.

We then walked a block to the Majestic Theatre to see Cats. We had great seats in aisle F - left center, so we were very close to the stage! We were all very excited to see another Broadway musical and knew Cats has been a long-running show on Broadway, though none of us had any idea what the show was about.

By intermission, we still had no idea what the show was about! Although the customes were impressive, we could not understand the words much of the time and of the four of us sitting togehter, nobody knew what was going on. Carol mentioned she could leave right now and be fine, and we all basically agreed. The only thing keeping us would be the fact that we paid lots for these great seats, and we realized that was not a good enough reason to stay when none of us were interested in seeing the remainder of the show. So we left during intermission, parted ways, and went home. Such a dissapointment -- I cannot believe a show like that has had such a long run on Broadway... it really did not have much of a plot!?

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Amity said...

Aw, man that is too bad! I have never seen Cats myself, but I remember a scene from that Ben Affleck movie 'Jersey Girl' where his little girl wants to go see Cats in NYC and it's obvious he HATES the show and he tells her she can pick anything BUT Cats! Now that scene makes sense.

I know exactly where Citrus is... when we stayed at La Mansion we walked around the corner to the Hotel Valencia and then went thru the back to Citrus (it wasn't even lunch time yet, so it was completely empty). The hotel looked pretty cool and hip, but a little too dark inside!!