Friday, April 22, 2005

Congratulations, Mom!

Congratulations for hitting your two year non-smoking anniversary this past Tuesday, April 19th. Just think of how much money you've saved... not to mention the more important part, your health. We're really proud of you! Love, Phil & Lauren

Monday, April 18, 2005

Friday night, we were whisked away in a limo for a lovely night out with Phil's family (you can almost see the limo's wheel and brake light in the photo behind us). Left to right: Blake, Randy, Amity, Jack, Robin, Phil, Lauren, Stacy, Brad, Felicity, Raj. We had a lovely dinner at Molina's and then hung out at the Nelson's afterward. Thanks to Amity and Randy for putting together such a great evening!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Look at those baby blues! She is absolutely adorable!

Logan with her Mee-Maw... they both look so happy!

Ten treats later... here's Mr. Cooper!

At Amity's house on Saturday before we rode the light rail to the Astros game. Such a great game, the Astros won in the bottom of the 9th and we all had great seats! Amity, Randy, Brad, & Stacy had box seats with catered food and posh seats, and Phil, Felicity, and I had 4th row field seats right behind 1st base! So much fun! (Last week I wasn't a baseball fan, but now I am... and it didn't even take a hotdog to push me over the line!)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! We hope that you had a wonderful day and are feeling better soon! We missed you this weekend in Houston. Lots of love!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

April 29, 2006

Does anyone have a conflict with this date?
  • It's pre-finals
  • Pre-graduation (5/13?)
  • Post-Easter (4/16)

The date is during Fiesta in San Antonio (4/21-4/30). We want to know honestly if this will effect attendance; should we pick another weekend? If the schedule stays same as this year's, it would be the second to last night, which is the Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade.

The Saturday before that 4/22 is Oyster Bake, but I don't think that would have much effect on attendance... please comment/let us know what you think.

Photo of the happy couple taken by our maid of honor at the Oasis at Medina Lake 4/2/05

After Race for the Cure on Saturday, Phil, Dana, and I got ready for our appointment at the Oasis at Medina Lake. We arrived at the property after about a 30-45 minute drive, and met the site's "wedding planner". She showed us to the wedding/reception area on the lake. As you can see, they were setting up for a 100-person wedding later that day. The view and setup is obvoiously GORGEOUS! I love the idea of water behind the ceremony as a backdrop, and this location has just that. Please visit our photo album for more photos of the banquet room, bridal dressing room, and other views of the grounds. The Oasis is a restaurant, so they would provide all catering and alcohol for the reception. The wedding would take place on the bank of the lake (see photo above) and then the reception is on the deck and indoor room above. However, after your ceremony, the bottom area becomes open to all of the restaurant patrons, so you do not get exclusive access to this area, even though you are paying for it. This was the major downfall of this location which makes it lower than our top choice. Another downfall is the "Tarpon Blue" color paint they have painted everything.. and I mean everything. Every piece of wood and every wall are painted this color. We saw photos of how it previously was - this beautiful natural wood color - and so much more beautiful than the tacky look they are going for now. Apparently the owner calls it his signature color, but I just think it clashes with basically everything. Finally, the area does not have any accommodations nearby so the guests would have do drive back up a windy road back in to San Antonio or find a house to rent on the lake, so that aspect isn't great either. So needless to say, although the view is beatiful, it doesn't beat Providence Hills...

My beautiful bridesmaids (minus one) accompanied me to the Bridal Expo on Sunday afternoon. We got all sorts of brochures and freebies from caterers, photographers, florists, reception sites, cake shops, etc. It was incredibly informative and so much fun and I can't wait for the next one in June. Meanwhile, Phil did the manly thing: golfed with Jennelle's fiancee.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

This morning, Dana and I met some ladies from work for Race for the Cure! We walked 5k + the distance to and from our car (probably another 1k), and all for a great cause. SO MANY people turned out and it was great to be a part of it!