Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Are we officialy OLD?

So this weekend we were making dinner and as I pulled out a salad dressing bottle I happened to notice that some of the other dressings were almost empty, so I pulled the Thousand Island out and noticed it had expired in 2005. What?! That was 3 years ago! I'm thinking, "this is weird, let's check the balsalmic", only to find that it expired earlier this year. On to the ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, whole-grain mustard, and on and on we go- ALL EXPIRED. Now let it humbly be known that both Phil and I on multiple occasions have made fun of people with expired condiments in their fridges as old, and that only old people keep expired condiments past their expiration date! Yet who pulled approximately 25 expired containers out of their refrigerator door this weekend? WE DID!