Sunday, January 11, 2009


Felicity and Karthik arrived on Christmas Eve and we picked them up at the airport, heading directly to the mall to stand in line to get Ethan's picture taken with Santa. He is 8 months old so this is his first Santa photo and very important to his mommy. As it turned out, many other mommies had the same idea and we ended up being in the Santa line for about 2 hours before it was all said and done. But Ethan's photo came out really cute! (I have given his mommy ample time to post his photo on her blog so I don't really feel bad stealing her thunder and posting the picture on here since it's been 2-1/2 weeks since Christmas Eve!)

It was lots of fun playing with the kids at Christmas. Blake received Guitar Hero from all of his aunts and uncles...

... and Drew showed off his new costumes that he had gotten for Christmas. Uncle Philip jumped right in and joined in on the fun!

And this is just a cute picture of Ethan being a hoodlum :)

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