Tuesday, February 10, 2009

100 Things

Ever since Amity posted her 100 Things list in 2005, I have wanted to make my own list. Finally when the 25 Things lists made their rounds on Facebook I decided to not just make a 25 things list, but go for the full 100. So without further ado, here it is.

1. I am married to my high school sweetheart, and he is also my very best friend.
2. Food is a major motivator for me, and most often dictates my mood. My coworkers know that I am not very friendly before lunch. Accordingly, we eat promptly at 11:00am every day. My husband also knows that if I ever need cheering up, he can suggest one of my favorite restaurants/foods and immediately my mood improves.
3. As a young child, I was bitten on my upper thigh by a large dog. Ever since, I have slightly feared dogs, especially big ones. One day after I graduated from college, I decided I wanted a Chihuahua (no other breed was considered). Getting Cooper was one of the best decisions, and he is like a child to me. I let him lick my face, eat from my utensils, and he gets his own ice cream bowl.
4. I am a Liberal, especially when it comes to social issues. I am a huge supporter of gay marriage. Obviously, I am very proud to live in this country under an Obama presidency.
5. I was the Valedictorian of my high school class.
6. Despite this, I have never truly felt that I was really good at something until I worked at CS. I feel proud to consider myself truly good at my job.
7. I consider myself a perfectionist and have trouble delegating because I feel that I will have to do it over again because it will not meet my (high) standards. This means that I stay overloaded at work 100% of the time.
8. Someday I want to have 2 children, but I am not ready yet. There is a history of twins on my side of the family (my aunts are twins and my grandmother had twin sisters) and Phil is a twin, so our chances of having twins are even greater.
9. I love shopping secondhand at thrift stores. This has made me almost entirely unable to spend more than $5 on any article of clothing. I typically spend about 3 hours at each store, searching through the racks of clothes, filling up an entire shopping cart, and trying everything on in the dressing room. I always try clothes on before buying them, no matter where I am shopping. Fit is very important.
10. I choose beach destinations for all of my vacations. Luckily my husband and I are on the same page with this.
11. Unfortunately, I did not value living at the beach for 17 years of my life and very rarely stepped foot on the sand as a teenager.
12. Phil and I are Scuba certified and have dove in amazing tropical locations such as St. John and Belize.
13. I cherish efficiency. I drive fast, walk fast through crowds, type fast, and hate sitting through commercials on TV. Thank goodness for DVR; I rarely watch live TV these days.
14. I am an only child. As such, I see no rush to eat the food in our pantry because I know it will be there when I am ready for it, since I am not competing with any siblings to eat it first. My husband, one of 4 children, is quite the opposite and I have since learned never to expect the chips to still be there when I am ready to eat them, unless I sternly warn him that I plan to eat them later. On the other hand, I refuse to eat any food that is stale or past its expiration date, so it is probably a good thing that Phil eats it quickly. I do not like to buy food in bulk because I get tired very quickly of eating the same thing over and over again. Philip learned this around our 2nd year dating when he bought me 2 cases of Samoas (the Girl Scout cookies) for Valentine’s Day because they were my absolute favorite cookie, but I did not even eat the first case before I got tired of them and refused to eat any more. That was the last time he bought me a large quantity of any food product.
15. I like to maintain a ratio system with the food I eat. For example, I want to have at least one marshmallow per spoonful of Lucky Charms cereal. Or, I need to be sure to have a sip of milk with each bite of my cookies. When the milk runs out, only then do I stop eating. On a plate full of dinner, I am sure that the portions of each item remain equal so I have at the end one bite of salad, one bite of chicken, and one bite of corn left. This was something I did subconsciously all my life until my husband pointed it out. Now I notice that my Dad does exactly the same thing.
16. My mother is the most positive person I know. She can find good in anything and always has a wonderful outlook and great advice.
17. My parents are still happily married after 26 years and enjoy spending every day together. I look forward to this type of life-long love and feel lucky to have such great role models for it.
18. I love the games Scattergories and Catchphrase. I tend to become an intense Catchphrase player. People say that being on my team is kind of stressful because of the pressure to win. I take this as a compliment.
19. I do not enjoy cooking, cleaning, or working out. In my mind, these are what the expectations should be for a stay-at-home-wife, so I have no desire to be one.
20. I played the oboe in high school and was in the marching band. Stop laughing.
21. I wore braces and headgear for 4 years up until my Freshman year of high school. I never wore my retainers so my orthodontist put me back in headgear in college. I finally told him that I was not going to wear it, because there could be a fire drill at any time and I would rather have bad teeth than be seen by my classmates wearing it in the dorms.
22. I love our home. The location is great, and it has such great charm including hard wood floors, a large back yard, stainless steel appliances, and a great floor plan. But I am ready to live in a house with more than 1 bathroom, larger closets, and overall more square footage. We also want a pool.
23. Ideally I would love to rent out our house fully furnished so I can start from scratch in a new house and decorate the whole thing. Unfortunately I have a hard time spending thousands of dollars at once on furniture and decorations, so it is likely that we would have bare walls and furniture-less rooms a while.
24. I have a terrible memory.
25. I do not enjoy shopping at what I consider to be “boy” stores: Best Buy, Academy, Office Max, etc. I tend to be grumpy and rush through them, much to the dismay of my husband.
26. I am secretly glad that Philip is so financially strict that I feel guilty when buying things I don’t think he would approve of. I know that we will always be financially secure because of it and I really value that.
27. I spend a lot of time on Facebook and check my friends’ blogs for updates every day.
28. I rarely deem anything blog-worthy, so my own blog goes without being updated for long periods of time.
29. My favorite TV shows currently include Lipstick Jungle (recently cancelled and I am still distraught), The Office, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, House Hunters International, Beauty & the Geek, Project Runway, The Girls Next Door, Desperate Housewives, and Intervention.
30. In high school this list would have been comprised of Dawson’s Creek, Beverly Hills 90210, Party of Five, Friends, and Gilmore Girls. Obviously this was prior to the reality TV boom.
31. My favorite color is pink.
32. I do not like to take medicine unless it is absolutely necessary.
33. When I go to the beach I am always on the lookout for unique shells and heart-shaped rocks.
34. As a child, I remember riding my bicycle around with my friends and checking inside the coin return areas of soda, phone, and newspaper machines to look for coins. This was a lucrative adventure and many times would find at least a quarter in the machines. Almost always we came up with enough change to buy a soda or candy bar.
35. I almost always feel cold. I have a space heater at my desk at work that I use year-round.
36. I have a bad habit of plucking out my eyebrows with my fingers when I am nervous or bored. I really wish I could stop doing this because having no eyebrows is very unattractive.
37. I truly believe that my husband is far smarter than I, and admire his logic, decision-making, and reasoning skills. He always knows how to make a great argument. I like to let him make decisions partly because of this. He does not like my indecisiveness and this sometimes leads to argument.
38. In my household growing up, there was not any fighting/arguing and certainly no cussing. My mom used words like “shizam” and “fudgesicles” in the place of cuss words.
39. I enjoy watching basketball, gymnastics, and tennis on television. However, I would always choose one of my favorite TV shows (see #29) over any of these sports.
40. The only sport I have ever played is tennis. I went to tennis camp 3 times while growing up but still am only mediocre at the sport. I still play with the same racquet my parents bought me in high school which was nicknamed “The Skunk” because it is black and white.
41. As a child, my parents also put me through piano lessons, tumbling, oboe lessons, and tennis lessons. I also participated in elementary school choir and Girl Scouts. My mom was a Troop Leader, of course.
42. My first source of income around the age of 10 was washing boats at the docks every day when the charter captains came in at noon. My Dad was my first client and paid me $5 per day to wash his boat. Then I started working with the other captains who paid up to $10 if they used live bait and their boats were dirtier. This is how I bought my first pair of roller blades.
43. My first real job after I turned 16 was at a hotel. I worked PBX first, then Reservations. I worked there during the summers all the way through my Junior year of college. Sometimes it was boring when the phones would not ring, and my good friend Jane and I would write each other notes to stay entertained. They were silly and many times we would great creative and write the notes in weird shapes like spirals just to keep them fresh and exciting.
44. Drug use is prevalent in a place like South Padre. Combine the relaxed atmosphere of a beach resort town with the proximity to the Mexican border, and it makes perfect sense. From a very young age I knew what pot smelled like. However, I can honestly say that I have never done any drugs.
45. I am currently having laser hair removal treatments. I am hopeful that 6 months from now, I will never again have to pick up a razor. That would make it worth every penny, and justify the pain (it does not just feel like a rubber band snap like they tell you when you sign up).
46. I do not cry often. Not at movies, commercials, even when someone says something that hurts my feelings. The last few times I have cried have been when I was stressed over work issues. Most of my best friends have never seen me cry.
47. Getting gas for my car is a task that I loathe. I never fill up before my indicator light comes on.
48. I appreciate organization. The shirts in my closet are organized by length of sleeve, then color. All of the cans and jars in my pantry face the same direction, and everything has its place. I do not like it when Phil puts away the groceries, dishes, or laundry because things do not end up where I believe they go.
49. My family is full of teachers and as a child I always thought I would be a teacher when I grew up. However I realize today that I do not have much patience and would be a terrible teacher. I get frustrated/annoyed at work when someone asks the same question twice because they did not listen or take notes the first time, or when people do not fully read the information they are provided but immediately start asking questions about it. I have a hard time agreeing with the saying “There are no stupid questions”.
50. I did not ever envision myself as a sorority girl, but ended up loving my experience as one. My sorority sisters are some of the most successful people I know, not to mention fun, intelligent, beautiful, well-rounded, and admirable.
51. I always wear my seatbelt. My mom would not start the ignition of the car when I was growing up until all seatbelts were buckled and she heard the clicks. Now it is habit to me to put one on and I feel anxious and agitated when other people do not wear theirs.
52. I am not a rebel and enjoy following rules. I guess I am like Amity in this way.
53. I hate waking up in the morning. No matter what time it is and how long I have slept, I will always want 5 more minutes. Then 5 more. And 5 more. Usually our alarm starts going off at 5:15am and I do not get up until 7:00, with the snooze alarm going off in 10-minute intervals.
54. When I do wake up, I am going to be grumpy. I do not want to speak to anyone for at least an hour. This is for your own good.
55. I hate to be late so I am always sure to wake up on time to make it where I need to be. I think it is very rude when people are habitually late. I start to feel anxious when I arrive somewhere even 1 minute past the time I was scheduled to arrive.
56. I value thank-you notes. I think they are an important response to the receipt of a gift. I read once about a man who writes approximately 12 thank you notes per day and I love that notion. I have a place inside myself where guilt resides when more than 3 days has passed and my thank you notes have not been written. It gets larger and louder as each day passes and I don’t forget. I remember the thank you notes I never got around to writing for one of my bridal showers and always wonder if those people have judged me because of it. Probably not, but I would understand if they did.
57. I am so glad that I made the choice to attend Trinity University.
58. I think that my wedding was perfect, and would not change a thing.
59. I almost always prefer a night staying in with my husband, puppy, and bowl of ice cream to a night going out and drinking.
60. I do not enjoy dancing. If you see me dancing, I am drunk. I have been known to do the chicken dance to an Outkast song, dance on a raised platform with an “X” on it at a gay bar, and dance around the living room to salsa music in a sombrero after a house party while drunk.
61. I love US Weekly magazine. I know it is wrong to support the intrusion into the lives of celebrities, but it is a guilty pleasure of mine. And I find US far superior to Star or OK! magazines.
62. The only type of books I like to read are the girly non-fiction ones. I judge the books by their covers and if they are pink with a cute font, I’m sold. I also love all of Nicholas Sparks’ books.
63. I am not interested in the news, true crime, history, or non-fiction. My husband enjoys all of the above, in all forms (books, TV, internet).
64. I have never lived anywhere but Texas. Its climate is perfect for me and I do not plan on moving out of state anytime soon.
65. I enjoy traveling and want my list of destinations is almost endless. Too bad my vacation time and funds are limited.
66. I took the SAT 3 times in high school. My score went up each time and my highest score was 1360. I was proud of that score.
67. I am not a good story teller.
68. One of my favorite things is having a pedicure. However, I find it hard to justify the $30 cost, especially if it is not the hottest days of summer where I am wearing open toe shoes every single day.
69. On the other hand, I faithfully get my hair highlighted and cut every 6 weeks.
70. I really want to own a set of dishes that I love, all matching in a place setting of 8. I think I am old enough to have them, and finally get rid of our mismatched, chipped IKEA bowls.
71. Often when I am standing in place, I cris-cross my legs. I am not sure why I do not just stand with my legs parallel to one another.
72. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I enjoy the decorations most of all.
73. Once in pre-school I was trying to impress a boy and ate the crust on my sandwich first. I hate the crust, so I guess he was pretty great.
74. I like Coke. Not Diet Coke. And I get a little offended when waitresses assume I would ask for Diet.
75. I enjoy dressing my male puppy up in sweaters and doggy t-shirts. I find it cute.
76. I think my husband is HOT.
77. I love my nieces and nephews. I am so glad to have married a man who has siblings so I can be an aunt! What a unique role; I love being Aunt Lauren.
78. I really wish I would have been able to know my maternal grandmother.
79. I would someday like to bungee jump and skydive.
80. I am not a worrier. I realize that worrying does not help a situation and logically am able to stop my brain from going into worry-mode.
81. I love amusement parks and roller coasters. My favorite ride is called the Frisbee at Fiesta Texas which combines heights and spinning. This type of ride makes my husband sick to even watch but I like to ride it over and over again.
82. When someone sings a song, it gets stuck in my head and 5 minutes later I will find myself singing it and wondering where it came from. Then when I figure it out, I get angry at that person because it is usually something ridiculous. Currently “goodnight sweetheart, yeah it’s time to say goodnight, shoobeedoowap”. Last night, “8675309”. Thanks, Phil.
83. In high school I had the bright idea to get bangs. They were thick and covered my entire forehead. This was a bad idea. Please don’t ask to see photos.
84. My first car was a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. It was maroon exterior, with maroon interior. I drove it for 5 years. Today I drive an Acura 3.2 CL with leather interior, sunroof, and my favorite part: heated seats.
85. I am a people-watcher. Airports, malls, and restaurant waiting areas are very entertaining places for me. I just have to be sure not to stare too much; sometimes I get wrapped up in observing and other people realize I am watching them, which is embarrassing.
86. If there was one day of my life I could do over, it would be the year my Mom and I forgot my Dad’s birthday. It was bedtime before he reminded us that we had all forgotten and he looked so hurt. I don’t know if he realizes how much I still regret that day and if I could do it all over again I would go overboard to make him feel special with gifts, parties, cake, and love.
87. I love s’mores. Indoors or outdoors, I don’t care. They are even delicious when cooked on our gas stove.
88. I believe recycling is important. I believe in global warming and Al Gore’s message. I try to do my part.
89. If money were no object, I would get involved with non-profits and spend my time helping organizations I believe in, rather than corporations, to succeed. I would travel more frequently, but only if my husband could join me. I would enjoy luxuries such as those pedicures, a personal trainer, dining out frequently, and I would buy more expensive clothing and accessories. I would probably also get a boob job.
90. I am not a gum chewer.
91. I do not mind silence or being alone. I will go to a restaurant, movie, or shopping alone. However, I feel uncomfortable spending the night in my own home alone when my husband is out of town. So does Cooper; he tends to bark much more frequently when one of us is gone. This doesn’t help me feel safer.
92. I have always been a little afraid of the dark.
93. I wish I would remember my dreams after I woke up. Sometimes I know they were really cool but I just can’t lock in the memory. I have never had the falling dream that people speak of.
94. I do not fluently speak a second language, but my Spanish is good enough that I can get by to travel in Mexico. I took 3 years of Spanish language in high school and a semester in college.
95. My birthday sometimes falls on the first day of Spring, and always is the first day of Aries astrological sign. I feel that as I get older, I exhibit more and more Aries-characteristics. But I also have some Pisces personality traits which makes sense since I’m right on the line between the two signs. However, I do not believe in astrology.
96. I have a difficult time with faith. I would like to be religious and go to church, but my logical side makes it difficult for me to believe in something without seeing anything tangible.
97. I get rid of stuff on a very regular basis. I almost always have at least a bag full of things in my trunk to take to Goodwill and if I have not worn an item of clothing in 6 months or so, I get rid of it. I also help my Mom clean out her wardrobe at least once a year.
98. I have a hard time watching channels on TV that are not HD, now that I’m spoiled by it. Same goes for sitting in floor seats at the Spurs games. You can’t go back from these types of luxuries to the way you used to do things.
99. I use SPF 8 sunscreen when tanning.
100. I am nervous to post this list for everyone to read because I am not confident that it is properly organized, all-encompassing, and am not sure what story it tells about me.

So... which of these things did you not know?

PS- Phil plans to write his list soon, which I look forward to reading. He said there were a few things on my list that he did not know, which surprises me, and I look forward to maybe finding out a few things about him through his list!


Amity said...

YAY! you finally did it!
Okay... #8, God forbid you have twins becuz I cannot imagine your body could take that pregnancy! #47, I have not had to put gas in my car for years, I hate the gas fumes and don't like my children to be around them either. #70, you ARE NOT old enuff for matching dishes yet...I didn't get that till 35! And #89, do NOT get a boob job... Phil is crazy if he consented to it; you look awesome.

I will continue to wait for Phil's list but he better hurry; is he requiring you to type it up for him? And I'm still waiting for him to get on facebook!

Allison said...

I feel like most of our sorority sisters had NO interest in being in a sorority. :) And I rarely update my blog because I'm lazy, so sorry! I learned all sorts of things about you - but I really think we might be friends because of our organization needs. I stress about work if I don't feel organized with my projects. Miss you lots!

RockheadedMama said...

Floor seats at the Spurs?? FLOOR SEATS at the SPURS? You'd better hope Jack doesn't see that!

Jennelle and Greg said...

Greg says "Nice background Phil"

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

You and Jenna......the Pink color thing....made me laugh....ohh the memories..Thanks for sharing.