Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sam & Henna

We have been dog-sitting since the first week in November for Felicity's dogs, Sam & Henna. This post is a tribute to them since they will be headed overseas with their parents in just a few weeks.

One day in November while I was doing some dead-heading of our rose bushes in the front yard, Sam and Henna could be heard whining from the back yard. We came over to the fence from the front yard to see what they were up to and saw them doing their very best to try to come help.

We found out in December that Sam, the largest of the three dogs in our household, is a scaredy-cat (dog). He does NOT like the lawnmower. When Phil mowed the back yard, Sam found the farthest spot away in the back yard and stayed in the very corner until the mowing was done.

Philip thought it would be funny to give Sam & Henna peanut butter and watch them get it stuck in their mouth and smack. This was probably the hardest Phil had laughed in a long time. It was hard to get a good photo of it while laughing so here is the best one we got. (Notice Henna's tongue in the background!)

Most of the rest of the time, they can be found lounging around, doing some light reading...

... and of course always making time for a nap.

Luckily, Cooper gets along really well with them and they play quite a bit so they tire one another out!

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