Tuesday, October 06, 2009

On our next adventure Ethan was able to join us for a trip to Emerald Pool because the hike was not too intense. The car ride, however, was a bit too much for him. About half way to our destination, Ethan got sick and we had to endure the rest of the ride with the lovely smell of spoiled milk accompanying us! So, Ethan got the pleasure of bathing in the (freezing) crystal clear water and his mommy got to rinse off at the same time.

It was the day before our wedding anniversary and I found a heart shaped leaf so I had to show it off.

No carseat laws in Dominica! Ethan liked to stand up in the back seat. Good thing his mommy is protective and kept him safe, plus Uncle Philip was driving and we all know that is safer than Ethan's daddy's driving. ;)

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