Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dominica Vacation

The last week in April we flew to Dominica to visit Felicity, Karthik, and Ethan. As we flew in, we knew this island was not going to be like the other Caribbean island destinations we have visited. First of all, the island is definitely not flat. It has big hills (maybe they could even be classified as mountains) and lush green foliage so from the air, the landscape is overwhelmingly green. The beaches are pretty but they are not spectactular like some of the other nearby islands; this island definitely had its own gorgeous scenery and its fair share of things to do to fill up our vacation!

We arrived on a Saturday and were excited because the following day was Ethan's 1st birthday party! Ethan was just at the stage where he wanted to start walking but just wasn't there yet so he would take one or two steps and fall down. But he LOVED for us to stand up over him and hold his hands up so he could stand up and we help him walk, so that was lots of fun.

He enjoyed his pool party and lots of the other kids whose parents attend Ross came, so we were able to meet their group of friends. Ethan's favorite activity was definitely eating, so he really enjoyed his birthday cupcake at the party.

A little snot makes it taste better, he told me!

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