Saturday, August 09, 2008

Is there such thing as Olympics Fever?

For the next two weeks, we plan to be watching the Olympics, and not doing much else. Well, there is our 8-5 work schedules, running (for Phil), eating (me), celebrating Carol's birthday, and dinner next weekend with Jennelle & Greg, but that's all we will commit to.

The opening ceremonies last night were awesome. The "Birds Nest" stadium is a beautiful piece of architecture and the Chinese display of entertainment was fantastic.

I don't really consider myself an extremely patriotic person, but when an American is participating in virtually any event, you just have to cheer for them... whether you know the rules of the game, or have ever heard of that person before or not. Luckily, Team USA tends to be pretty strong in the events we like, so that helps.

Favorite events of ours include gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball, water polo, track & field, basketball... luckily this only happens every 4 years because it's almost* enough athleticism to make me want to get off the couch, put down the ice cream, and exercise.

*Note the use of the word "almost".

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ahefner said...

Who doesn't feel some pang of excitement at the sight of the flag? Go USA! Go Phelps!