Sunday, November 18, 2007

Howdy, Y'all!

Last night, Phil got all dressed up in country attire to go to the Kendall County Junior Livestock appreciation party. One of his co-workers invites us every year and usually when we show up in our flip-flops and foreign cars, we seem pretty out of place in this highly Texan environment. So this year Phil decided to join in on the fun, and borrowed some attire from his friend Floyd. Take note of the pearl snap western-style shirt (orange and pink, no less), the turquoise studded belt with true western belt buckle, and boots. Next year we plan to add a 10 gallon hat and some tight heavily starched Wrangler jeans to the attire but we just didn't get that part coordinated in time this year. Most importantly, check out the thumb in the pants like a true cowboy. You should've seen the little shuffle step dance move that accompanied it.


Diddyjean said...

Awww pink really brings out your eyes Phil! I'm kind of disappointed that you are not holding a banjo, it would have fit in nicely! Next time y'all should get a video of the shuffle step!

RockheadedMama said...

I've been wanting Philip to learn the two step for ages anyways, so I'm gonna gift ya'll with FREE lessons! :o)