Monday, November 12, 2007

Eating like a king!

Since Cooper's birthday is later this week, we decided to let him have an entire turkey leg for dinner tonight!
Actually, last night my mom and I picked up some plates of BBQ from a stand on the side of the road because it smelled so good. The plates came with beans, corn on the cob, and 2 types of meat (we got ribs & turkey legs). We thought we were doing such a great thing for our husbands since dinner would be taken care of when we brought these plates home! But when we got home and started eating, we found out that the meat was not cooked all the way through and therefore was inedible. We ate what we could, but ended up having to get come ice cream for dessert to supplement our dinner.
Lucky for Cooper, though, because he got to have a dinner fit for a king tonight!

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diddyjean said...

Sam and Henna can't wait to come to your house!!!! Oh yeah, it will be Henna's 2nd birthday while y'all have her!