Thursday, August 03, 2006


With Phil in San Diego with his brother this weekend, I am a free woman! I can do what I want, when I want (as if that's any different than normal, haha). Really, all I plan to do is catch up with my girl friends and spend plenty of time with our puppy. Except Cooper is always on edge when one of us is not home, so I will pretty much be stopping him from barking at every little noise which he thinks may be Philip coming home.

The boys will be playing golf and hanging out in CA until Sunday, when they begin their long drive home. But I am sure they are well equipped with rap music and snacks to keep them awake. What better way is there to spend an 18 hour drive, after all?

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Brad, Stacy, and Logan said...

I am so glad Philip is doing this with Brad and not me and Logan. He would have killed us with the stops we had to make and the time we took. I just hope they actually stop to get some rest, Brad mentioned something about sleeping at rest areas in the car for a few hours while traveling. Safe huh....