Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We Booked a Photographer!

Today we met with Matt & Elizabeth Deserly of Deserly Photography. They impressed us so much that tonight we mailed off our deposit and signed the agreement to have them photograph our wedding!

They have been in photography for 14 years, and met in college (sat next to each other in class!). They started out doing commercial/ad agency photography but found their clients never were happy with the product and did not enjoy shooting photos of table settings all day. They begun photographing weddings as favors to friends and ended up finding it to be so enjoyable that they made it their profession. Their style is very photojournalistic and they like to capture all of the little things that brides have spent months planning and years dreaming about. They just seemed to be the right fit, plus they are young (she is 28) and family-oriented so we liked that as well.

They guarantee that you will have one of them at your wedding plus an assistant. If they don't have 2 weddings on that day, you might have both of them there, but that's not guaranteed (but can be... for a fee, of course). We can purchase the rights to our photos and obtain them on a high-res CD immediately after the wedding, whereas most places make you wait at least 1 year before you can buy the rights to your own photos.

We are super excited and are working to plan our engagement portrait session already!

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Amity said...

Waaahh!! I know I've already whined about this, but I wanna get married again so I can have a photographer take awesome photo-journalistic-style pictures like these Deserly people!! Their portfolio is awesome. You're doing a good job Miss Lauren.