Saturday, July 23, 2005

April 29, 2006

We are excited to announce that we have made our first wedding plan! The ceremony and reception will be held at River Rock Cafe in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX (about 10-15 minutes north of SA) on April 29, 2006! We are very excited to begin planning all the other details of the wedding, now that we have the most important part behind us.

We have decided to also reserve both of the Fair Oaks Guest Houses, which are on the grounds of the River Rock Cafe, for both Friday and Saturday night, so that we have a potential place for the rehearsal dinner, bridal & groom party dressing, etc.

Our next step is to book a photographer. We met with 3 a while back and now would like to meet with just a few more before making our decision. Hopefully we will book one in the next week or so. Wish us luck!

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Robin said...

Okay, I've been lurking around just waiting for this information to finally be posted! Great! Organic AND homegrown! I've already checked out the picture of the garden on the Exline guest house -- nice. I think we should just MOVE there! It's really beautiful! It's going to be a really GREAT wedding!