Sunday, May 01, 2005

Next we visited Red Berry Mansion, which is located off of SBC Center Parkway in San Antonio. The property is gated and is a pretty big, with live antelope and peacocks roaming the grounds. As you can see, the lake is picturesque. The photos are taken from the balcony of the mansion, overlooking the wedding and reception site. We are unsure about having a wedding poolside, but it sure is pretty. The grounds also have a fountain with live (huge) fish inside, as you can see from one of the other photos in our album However, I did not take any photos of the inside of the mansion because it has a hunting theme and is not our style at all. Such a shame, because the grounds and house are perfect, save the poor decorating.


Robin said...

why didn't you [gently] convince them that they really didn't want a hunting theme, they wanted a much more romantic aura? They might have surprised you and asked if you knew of anyone who could help them in that department...and one thing could've have led to another! [jeesh! another missed opportunity!]

Lauren & Phil said...

Actually, we didn't even have that chance because nobody showed up to meet us and show us around! We gave ourselves the tour, and once we decided we were't part of the National Hunting Association and it wasn't our style, we left.

You can see a person in the background of the photo I posted, but he was from the rental company or something, because all he was doing was cleaning off the chairs.