Monday, April 18, 2005

Friday night, we were whisked away in a limo for a lovely night out with Phil's family (you can almost see the limo's wheel and brake light in the photo behind us). Left to right: Blake, Randy, Amity, Jack, Robin, Phil, Lauren, Stacy, Brad, Felicity, Raj. We had a lovely dinner at Molina's and then hung out at the Nelson's afterward. Thanks to Amity and Randy for putting together such a great evening!


Robin said...

A very memorable evening! Being chauffeured around Houston with my family, having good conversation and good food with them was very special to me (and I think to everyone else). Thank you Amity & Randy for hosting us all. Thank you Philip and Lauren for making the trip (again) so we could all be together.

Diddy said...

I had a GREAT time thanks a lot!!!