Monday, April 04, 2005

April 29, 2006

Does anyone have a conflict with this date?
  • It's pre-finals
  • Pre-graduation (5/13?)
  • Post-Easter (4/16)

The date is during Fiesta in San Antonio (4/21-4/30). We want to know honestly if this will effect attendance; should we pick another weekend? If the schedule stays same as this year's, it would be the second to last night, which is the Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade.

The Saturday before that 4/22 is Oyster Bake, but I don't think that would have much effect on attendance... please comment/let us know what you think.


Scott Peterson said...

Ummm, not a good time for me.

Lauren & Phil said...

Good point, might be during an appeals trial. But Scott, I don't really want you to wear that orange jumpsuit to our wedding, okay? Please find more appropriate attire... perhaps a pink jumpsuit.

Grandma said...

When I was young my Daddy took us to Medina lake for 2 weeks during the summer. We rented a cabin and my brother and I swam in the cool clear water.
I don't like tarpon Blue. But it is beautiful place.

amanda (extremely excited bridesmaid) said...

well, i dont know if i can really make it, i was planning on running for Fiesta queen so i could ride on one of those floats and wear a pretty crown... ah decisions decisions :)

Anonymous said...

This is the best date that you have suggested! P.S. I am working at the Oyster Bake from 4:30-6:30 on April 16th. You should come and visit me! Lexi