Monday, April 06, 2009

Birthday Weekend in Leakey

My birthday turns out to be the day after our friend Jack's birthday so this year we decided to get together with some friends and rent a cabin in Leakey, TX. We found the Three Brothers Cabin on the internet and loved it right away. We planned multiple lunches, dinners, and afternoons planning all the details such as food, beverages, and activities of the weekend. Truly this was just an excuse to hang out but we did get everything worked out with multiple to-do lists before the date finally arrived. We took off half a day on Friday so we could get there right at check-in time and enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Here the guys are hanging out next to the homemade beer pong table that Jack and Katherine made. PS- Our list of things to bring didn't include plaid shorts, despite appearances...
While the guys played beer pong, we did what girls should be doing... relaxed in the hot tub!

Here are Katherine and I the first evening.

We brought two pinatas for the occasion. Jack got a pinata that was shaped like a beer bottle and I had a colorful donkey one. Here I am trying to whack the pinata after being spun around a few times.

They had a great fire pit near the house where we built a fire both nights and made s'mores. By the second night all that was left was the graham crackers and Phil earned the nickname "T.G." which stood for Teddy Graham based on his consumption of all of the remaining graham crackers.

It was a really fun weekend and we look forward to what celebration next year has in store! We should probably start planning now...

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