Sunday, June 08, 2008

Schlitter-boy we had a great Saturday!

On Saturday we spent the day at Schlitterbahn with Katherine and Jack. We got our tickets at HEB on the way to New Braunfels and got to the park just as they opened at 10am. We rode all the best rides, including the new Dragon's Revenge ride (although it was not as cool as the commercials made it seem). We ended our visit with a drink at the swim-up hot tub bar, and then Jack had his funnel cake, and headed home around 4pm. We were completely beat. I think the one thing we will all remember from this day was the guy with the Speedo on in the Master Blaster line. He kind of looked like Jack Black but we don't think he was wearing the Speedo as a joke like you would expect from JB. Completely ridiculous, gross, and inappropriate. Poor children, and poor guy standing behind him in line for 2 hours.

After the water park, we decided so celebrate a successful day of bathing suit wearing by stuffing our faces with all things fried at Willie's for dinner. Phil and I had chicken strips and french fries (we got the kids size and neither of us could finish it... makes you really wonder) and a side of fried jalapenos and fried pickles. That's right, no bathing suits for us today, at least not in public. Phil also tried Pacifico beer for the first time and really liked it. He said it reminded him of Belikin, the beer we had in Belize. He still has that one Belikin in the fridge and he decided now is the time to open it since it's been over a year and he may not even remember correctly what a true Belekin tastes like. I think he's hoping as soon as he opens it we will be transported back to Belize and the delicious taco stands that come with it. Or maybe that's my hope. Let's crack it open!

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