Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sorority Reunion

Last weekend, a bunch of the girls in my sorority pledge class met up in Austin for a mini-reunion. Not all of the girls could make it, of course, since we have some international members now! But it was a nice showing and good to see everyone and catch up.

On that Friday, I had to travel to Dallas for work to go to one of our customers' offices for a software training session. This was my first time to travel alone for work where I had to be the only representative for our company, although luckily I had met the key people at this company before, so it was not as intimidating as it could have been! Not only that, but since I just turned 25, this was my first time renting a car on my own! So I flew into Dallas and checked in for my rental car and was told I'd be getting a small Dodge compact car like I had reserved. But when the shuttle dropped me off at my assigned space, there was a mini van parked there! I double checked and it turned out they had run out of compact cars so they gave me the mini van. So on this day I learned once and for all that there is no way to look cool in a mini van. Luckily, the parking lot at this customer is pretty big so nobody assocaited me with the mini van.

After the training session, I had to fly into Austin instead of San Antonio since that was the weekend of the Final Four and all flights into San Antonio were full. So I got in around 6:30 and we all met up at the hotel and then went to Trudy's for dinner. Since we had a party of 9 plus a baby, we knew we would have a wait. We all headed to the bar, as you would expect from a group of young ex-sorority girls, right?! I ended up ordering a Mexican Martini. They not only give you the martini glass full but also give you the shaker so it's a pretty good deal. After they finally seated us 2 hours later, I ordered another of these drinks with dinner. I learned this night that when the menu says limit 2 Mexican Martinis, Lauren should not order and consume 2, especially if she plans to continue drinking downtown at bars later that night.

After dinner, we regrouped at the hotel and decided to go to 4th street. We were looking for a bar where we would not have to pay cover, so we decided on the new bar Qua. It is cool because the dance floor is an aquarium underneath so when you are dancing, you look down to see sharks and sting rays swimming beneath. Pretty cool concept. Might inspire one, were they inebriated, to pose for photos like they themselves were a shark...
We stayed at this bar until it closed at 2am, then headed back to the hotel. I proceeded to fall right asleep, but apparently only after blaming everyone else for getting me drunk.
The next morning I was in no shape to do anything productive, so I accompanied the girls to lunch but then headed back to the hotel for an all-afternoon nap. It was no fun and makes me realize why I drink so infrequently!
By dinner time I was feeling better and we went to Carlos N Charlies on Lake Travis. The view of the lake was pretty, especially with the sun setting in the horizon. Since I was in no shape to party again Saturday night, Phil came to pick me up that night from the hotel after dinner. We got back to SA by around 11pm so we were able to spend Sunday together and actually laid by the pool at Robin & Jack's all afternoon, and enjoyed a delicious pot roast for lunch. Yum- what a great weekend!

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Diddy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! That is so neat an aquarium for a dance floor!!!