Sunday, March 23, 2008

We Support Obama

Although we don't yet have a sign in our yard, we proudly proclaim our support for Barack Obama. We both admired that amazing speech he gave at the 2004 DNC and voiced our wish that someone that innovative would run for President. Four years later, our wish is coming true! Obama embodies the change we feel our country needs and we hope that he becomes the next President of the United States!
Earlier this year we attended a rally in support of Obama with some friends. It was exciting to hear his speech in person (although it was similar to the ones we hear highlights of on MSNBC every night) and despite the cold weather that evening, we stayed for the whole thing. We both voted in the Texas primary for him, of course. Then came that incredible speech last week about his views on race which solidified our support. Can't wait to watch his continued success, hopefully all the way to the White House!


Jane said...
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Jane said...

I support Obama, too! I order a T-shirt and bumper stickers and Jim and I have a sign out front. We both voted for him in the primary, too. Go Obama!!!

Anonymous said...

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