Sunday, August 28, 2005

On Saturday evening, I hosted a bridal shower for Jennelle at Patti's beautiful home. It was a luau theme and to give myself a bit of credit, the invitations were so darn cute I wanted them to be for me. ;) But the theme turned out very well except for the fact nobody ended up wanting to hang out poolside since it was almost 100 degrees out there. But we had plenty of great food, drinks, and leis of course. We were able to head outdoors after eating so Jennelle could open her presents since it had cooled down a bit. But then we went back indoors afterwards because we enjoyed the climate controlled environment much more. :) Anyway Jennelle got some great things from her registry and all in all was a successful event! Pictured above, L to R: Ginger (Sigma big sis), Shifi (sorority sister), Susan (soririty sister), Rosalee (sorority sister), Jennelle (bride), and Janet (mother of bride). Not pictured are Patti, Shannon, Kaye, Jennifer, and me (all co-workers of bride), and Liana (had to leave early, sorority sister). See more pictures in photo album, and more to follow soon!

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